How to enhance visual & spatial thinking?


A panorama, especially when paired with virtual reality, mimics real life environment

360ยบ images or panoramas position the viewer directly in the space and context. They help to convey information about orientation, distance, size and height as the viewer rotates the screen.

Scope App allows users to view panoramas in virtual reality using their mobile device.

Redesign Scope Desktop Library that allows for designers to create immersive walkthroughs with panoramas

UI/UX Designer


As a 3D presentation tool, Scope allows architects and designers to better communicate design intent.

By mimicking the real life environment, Scope helps clients visualize the space and helps make informed design decisions.

User flow

While the desktop library focuses on the user being able to manage their panoramas and orchestrate a walkthrough, the end-to-end user flow made sure the transition to immersive mobile VR was seamless for them and their client.

The userflow was then rendered tangible and actionable with the help of wireframes.

Design System

These ideas were then clothed with the brandโ€™s identity system adapted to the product.


Color Strategy


Icons in use

Components in action