How to design for humans in a virtual world?


Combining the familiarity of existing workflows and the magic of emerging technology

IrisVR aims to make realtime technology the primary medium to get work done in the office and on the job site for the building industry ­- by inventing the easiest, fastest, and most enjoyable VR and AR software.

Marrying emerging tech with the oldest profession in the world

Taking inspiration for tools from the industry’s physical and digital workflows

Scale Model Mode
Using the familiarity of the physical scale model used for communicating design and adding the magic of interactivity in a virtual world.

  Branding the intersection of VR and the building industry

Overcoming the constraints of established 2D interfaces by creating new design interaction paradigms


Giving our users the tools that facilitate better communication across geographic and industry barriers


Sparking innovation by actively listening to each other, technology professionals, industry experts

Photography Style

Combining brutalist textures with in-VR expereinces, the photography style contextextualises VR for the building industry while differentiating it from competition and other contemporary game-centric VR imagery.


Using Px Grotesk as a primary font for the brand; a geometric font with edges complementing the brutalist photography style.