How to spot a fake image?

Disinformation* has a significant impact on public opinion and can fundamentally alter the fate of democratic processes, as seen in the 2016 elections.

* Specifically in the form of digitally and synthetically modified videos, audios and images

Disinformation Lifecycle

How can this cycle be we interrupted?

Problem Statement

In this fast paced world, one unchecked piece of information is often unwittingly followed by a waterfall of news coverage.

This puts outsized pressure on the fact checking departments of resource-constrained news organizations or expecting journalists to do their own fact checking.

Original image

Manipulated image

Journalists and fact checkers rely on tedious processes like reverse image search or analytical tools with little context or explanation to validate the authenticity of images.

User Opportunity

Who need to make sure an image is authentic before using it as a source or resharing it.

Fact checkers
Who need a reliable way to determine if an image is fake and understand the nature of its manipulation so that they can debunk it.

Who want to keep their technology up-to-date by training it on the latest datasets and socialize it with the right audience.